Bhutan Druk Adventure

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The natives in Bhutan in different regions speak 18 different dialects. The country has high mountain passes and many deep valleys where many tribes and urban communities reside and speak their own language.

Dzongkha is the national language of the country and the mother tongue of the Ngalops living in western Bhutan. The literal meaning of Dzogkha is the language spoken in the Dzongs and the administrative centers in the country. The other main language spoken in the country is Tshanglakha, which is the native language of Tshanglas residing in the eastern Bhutan. Lhotshamkha is also an important language of the country and is spoken mainly by the people belonging to southern Bhutan who are of Nepali origin.

Some of the other popular languages in Bhutan are Cho Cha Nga Chang kha, native language of Kurtoeps; Khengkha, native language of Khengpas of Central Bhutan; Mangdepkah, native language of Trongs; and Bumthapkha, native language of Bumthaps. The Tamangs, Sherpas and Lepchas in southern Bhutan speak their own language. The two dialects that are speculated to get extinct in coming years are Gongduepkha and Monkha. Bhutan is a multilingual country. The people in the country can read and write various languages eloquently.