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National Symbols of Bhutan

National Symbols of Bhutan

National Emblem
The National Emblem of the country comprises of a circle, which has a double diamond thunderbolt placed just above the lotus. It is embellished by a jewel on all sides and there are also two dragons that lie on the vertical sides.

National Flag
The country has a rectangular shape flag. The upper half is in yellow color and the lower part is in saffron orange. There is also a dragon in the flag that represents the name and purity of the nation.

National Flower
The national flower of the country is Blue Poppy (Meconopsis Grandis). It is blue/purple flower with white filament.

National Bird
The national bird of the country is raven. The bird represents one of the chief guardian deities of the country, Gonpo Jarodongchen.

National Animal
The national animal of the country is Takin (burdorcas taxicolor). It has its significance in religious history.

National Anthem
The national anthem of the country was composed in 1953 and it was made official in the year 1966.

National Day
The National Day of the country is celebrated on 17th December.

National Game
Archery (dha) in Bhutan is one of the national games of the country. Dart (khuru) is also a popular traditional game played in the country.